Since we are now in Italy, it makes sense greeting you all as the Italians would do, which means we owe you an espresso too 🙂

Dale & Franca in Alberobello - From Italy With Love

I can already see some puzzled faces out there wondering how we came to be in Europe in the ‘Bel Paese’ alias Italy when, in our last update, we said we were going to Cambodia.

Things don’t always go the way we want or plan to, even for us who always leave everything for the very last minute, in fact even those decisions can be altered.

Even if it’s always nice being back home, going to Italy wasn’t something we premeditated and kept to ourselves with the intention to surprise you, not this time.

Let’s Get To The Point

We were enjoying our last 2 days in Bangkok while treating ourselves to a little splurge at the Shanghai Mansion, when the so unexpected phone call arrived.

My family informed me that my grandfather wasn’t in the best of shape and this time they sounded pretty alarmed. The situation was pretty serious, so, just a couple of days before we were about to take a train to cross the border into Cambodia, we took the decision to book a flight to Italy instead.

Things unfortunately didn’t go for the best for my grandfather, but we were so happy to have made the decision of not thinking about our already planned route and choosing to fly back home instead. I have to thank Dale too for having been very supportive and helpful in making the right decision.

The week I managed to spent with my grandpa before he passed away has been very precious for myself and for him too. I don’t think I would have been able to forgive myself if we took that train and wouldn’t have had the chance to say goodbye to him.

Bales of Hay in Alberobello countryside - From Italy With Love

We are still in Alberobello in Italy, adoring the food we hadn’t even realized we missed so much, discovering many Italian tasty vegetarian dishes. In fact our 1 month vegetarian challenge turned into our new lifestyle and it doesn’t seem like we are turning back on our steps and we are happy in this way.

Homemade gnocchi - From Italy With Love
Making Typical Panzerotti in Puglia - From Italy With Love
Cherries season - From Italy With Love

I know that Italian cuisine has its reputation, but it’s not all about food. Here in Italy, we are enjoying spending some quality time with family, friends and my adorable little dog. Have I ever told you about Piccola?

Dale playing with Piccola the dog - From Italy With Love

Even if we weren’t supposed to get back right now after only 8 months of traveling, we are definitely making the most of our time here exploring the surrounding area and simply taking it easy.

It’s not the end

We will keep traveling for sure, how can we possibly stop now after barely having scraped the surface or what there is out there to be discovered and lived? In our opinion life is too short to stay still in only one place, to deprive ourselves of what the world has to offer.

I guess your next question is: ’Where next?’ and ‘When are you setting off again?’

Oh well, the truth is that, for a change, we haven’t decided yet. There are many places in South East Asia we haven’t seen yet, also being in Italy might make it easier for us to explore parts of Europe we always wanted to see but never got the chance.

We still haven’t made our mind up about it, but once we do we’ll let everyone know via the newsletter first so be sure to sign up below.

Suggestions are always welcome and might inspire us to make the final call.

Where would you go next if you were us?