We’re sorry, but unfortunately our week long offer for a TrustedHousesitters code has now ended.

We couldn’t be any more excited that we are to share with you this latest piece of news, and it’s perfect for all of you eager future housesitting pros out there!

We’ve long been huge fans of house and petsitting because it not only enables us to have somewhere that we can call home for a while or to have some animals in our lives now that we’ve let our huge love for animals be less of a secret; but also because of the huge advantage it presents to our travel budget, but mainly because housesitting allows us to live more like a local.

Live Like A Local

Not only is it fantastic for getting the the closest you can to living just like a local in new foreign countries, whether it’s living a wooden house because it’s more typical to where you’ll be staying, or just buying local groceries from tiny and cheaper market stalls hidden in courtyards nowhere near the big supermarkets on the high street; you’ll also be able to have the pleasure of somewhere you can call home for a few weeks to a few months which is a huge advantage for travellers like ourselves that have been on the road for a year or more.

Not only does it give us some personal space, but housesitting also gives us a huge opportunity to make all of our favourite home cooked meals.

Some foccacia Franca made whilst we housesitting in Spain - For One Week Only We're Giving Away 20% Off TrustedHousesitters

Not Just Houses, There’s Petsitting Too

As mentioned, we’ve really let our love for animals become more obvious ever since we volunteered in Thailand last year. Add going vegan on top of that, and you can very easily guess that we’ll love the petsitting aspect of housesitting as well.

Over the past 12 months we’ve spent several occasions petsitting (or shall we call it worshiping?) both cats and dogs in France, Spain, back home in the United Kingdom, and now this month here in Berlin. We’ve loved every cat stroking and dog walking second of it, and whilst it’s always been hard to leave our new furry friends at the end of it, we have great memories of time spent with all of them. And it’s not just us, you’ll find plenty of other travellers like A Cruising Couple who really miss their petsitting friend, Buster.

One of the cats we petsat during our time in Spain - For One Week Only We're Giving Away 20% Off TrustedHousesitters

Housesitting Is Exploding

Ever since we first read about housesitting just over 18 months ago we’ve seen the house and petsitting community explode with more travellers signing up to websites like TrustedHousesitters, from short-term travelers on holiday to full-time digital nomads; and whilst you might think that it’s getting harder to get started, you’ll find that it’s actually getting easier as more people in many more countries are signing up to list their house for someone like you or us to watch over.

Each week we’re reading about more people signing up for, securing, and loving their first housesitting assignments and we can’t say we’re surprised. Just recently the great couple of Indefinite Adventure have been full of praise after their first time petsitting in Stockholm, not forgetting Our Big Fat Travel Adventure who’ve also recently been writing about their first experience of housesitting in London. Just imagine that, living in London, entirely for free and on several occasions across the capital for weeks at a time.

How To Get Started?

There are dozens of housesitting websites available to you, but out of the few we’ve tried we found TrustedHousesitters to be the best. Not only is it super easy to setup, it always seems to have the most new additions every day, all over the world, compared to some which only host assignments from countries like Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

There are so many opportunities out there in the world that are just waiting for you to apply for. What’s stopping you?

From today until midnight on the 5th of September together with the great folks at Trusted Housesitters we’re able to offer you twenty percent off any of their great account options, be it as a homeowner, future housesitter, or a combination of the two. It’s also valid across all of their differing length accounts so why not start today?

To get 20% off your TrustedHousesitters account use the code:


Honestly, we’re of course sorry that the code is not longer, but hopefully in the future we’ll be able to bring you another great discount somewhere down the line. So don’t miss it now!

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