#VeganInScotland - Follow our vegan food adventure in Scotland
#VeganInScotland - Follow our vegan food adventure in Scotland

We’re both ecstatic to announce that for the next two weeks we’ll be taking a short trip around Scotland as part of VisitScotland’s ‘Year of Food & Drink’ in what we’ll be calling, #VeganInScotland.

From today until the end of next week we’ll spend our time split between the cities of St. Andrews, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Glasgow to explore the both the local vegan scene and community, whilst also gathering plenty of information on how to slow travel across the country.

How We’ll Be Travelling

As ever we’ll be combining all of our budget travel knowledge to find the best options for transport and accommodation across our chosen destinations, plus we’ll be using a combination of Couchsurfing, airbnb (Get a FREE $25 off your first stay with airbnb, and great design hostels & hotels that we think you’re really going to like.

Follow The Hashtag #VeganInScotland

As ever we’ll be sharing everything about our travels through all of our social media accounts, plus we’ll be utilising video for the first time by bringing you short clips on Instagram and Vine for the first time.

The easiest way to come along on our vegan adventure around Scotland will be to follow our specific #VeganInScotland hashtag on each social network.

For an angloitalian first we’ll also be collecting up all of the best images of the places we visit, the fun things we do, the people we meet, and the vegan food we eat on a specific #VeganInScotland Pinterest board. In fact, we’ve already started and you’ll find a few Pins already there.

To follow each social media account separately, use the following links:

#VeganInScotland on Twitter

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#VeganInScotland on Facebook

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#VeganInScotland on Instagram

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#VeganInScotland on Vine

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How Can You Get Involved?

We’d love to hear all of your personal recommendations for activities to try, places to see, and vegan places to eat in either St. Andrews, Dundee, Aberdeen, or Glasgow; and look forward to each one. Simply use the hashtag #VeganInScotland to share with us your travel tip, personal blog posts, and photos from your own travels in Scotland and we’ll be sure to take a look and share the best ones.

Also, if you’re able to share just one of our #VeganInScotland updates on your own Facebook or Twitter feed we’d be incredibly thankful for helping to share our vegan food adventure.

We Hope You Enjoy The Journey

Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you a couple of posts all about the interesting things we find and do during our time in Scotland and have already made a start on sharing what we’ve found with our Travel Tips for Edinburgh post from last week (which we’re both really thankful for your sharing of!)

We hope that you’ll enjoy the forthcoming days ahead and look forward to sharing with you every detail of what we find.

Take care, and please leave any tips you have in the comments!

What’s your travel tip for Scotland?