Pisa train station - Florence Gets a Visit from Fashionable Milan (via Pisa)

Couchsurfing brings you into the realms of other peoples day to day. Either, become part of their lives & day to day activities or pick up a guidebook & find the nearest hostel or hotel. Sharing someones house – their kingdom & free thinking space – differs to the experience you’ll get with hosteling, hoteling – or even camping.

Experiencing a day of someone else’s world can open you up to new ideas, activities & tastes that you’d never considered before. For example: fashion.

MeMO Musei e Moda Uomo

Fashion is not now, and has never been my ‘thing’ – I can barely dress myself. Most of the clothes that look good on me now were either chosen for me or were a stroke of luck, so finding myself searching for songs to be used in a fashionable promo video was certainly unexpected.

Unexpected because it wasn’t asked for directly. I may have volunteered myself to extend the search with another set of ears by getting out of bed (why sleep when music beckons?), grabbing my netbook & sliding down the table benches with one earphone in. How could anyone refuse?

Pumping away through laptop speakers & hissing through my earphones, together we’re skipping through tracks looking for the holy grail, but it’s not forthcoming.

Gabriele Maggio Working in Pisa - Florence Gets a Visit from Fashionable Milan (via Pisa)

Gabriele (above) & Claudio our host (below) had been working until 3, 4 & sometimes 5 in the morning, scrolling through website, after website, hard-drive & ipod to find a suitable song for two videos they were working on. Like anything, once you’ve got your mind on the idea of something, finding the identical item to match is impossible. They’d previewed Jazz, Pop, Rock – you name it. Finally, they’d settled on something that would bubble & fizz to match the colours & fashion of the video. The wobble & fuzz. The break & drop.

Yep. You’ve guessed it – dubstep

Claudio our Couchsurfing host - Florence Gets a Visit from Fashionable Milan (via Pisa)


Dubstep of all shapes & sizes are sped through & matched against the video. I’m finding nothing. Now I’m just listening to my own collection realising I’m out of my depth, just enjoying the few albums that I own. Finding something that’s Creative Commons for use in a video is easier said than done, so no help from me, they slogged on.

View of Pisa - Florence Gets a Visit from Fashionable Milan (via Pisa)

The following morning (having slept through some wobbles, half of the hiss), we woke to find that Gabriele was still working with eyelids closed pasting clips, here there & everywhere, with a bass accompaniment. Videos are emerging & the purpose too.

These videos had been commissioned for use in an upcoming fashion night in Milan’s other brother, Florence. Musei e Moda Uomo was a Citta di Firenze co-organised event to feature the spectacle of Florence’s historical churches, palaces and museums of art & history coinciding with a selection of Italian fashion houses showcasing some new pieces to new markets. The night itself was to feature photo & video media, catwalk models, gatherings of industry people but very much the locations themselves.

MeMO Musei e Moda Uomo

Locations around Florence – for one night only – were to be free entry, a most uncommon thing for Italy. They were Cappella dei Brancacci, Fondazione Salvatore Romano, Museo di Santa Maria Novella, Museo Stefano Bardini & Palazzo Vecchio.

By chance, once we were in Florence, we were able to take part & visit all of this places of interest. Unfortunately, our camera wasn’t to hand as we entered each of the featured buildings, but we do have two mementos all the same – these two videos.

See All Ten of the Musei e Moda Uomo Videos

Where Can I Get Me One of Those Suits?

See All Ten of the Musei e Moda Uomo Videos

If it wasn’t for our opting for Couchsurfing, reasoning that it’s best to involved rather than alongside our hosts life, we’ve gained something that we’d not see or experience should we have stayed in a hotel.

Maybe it’s just us, or are we not alone in our thinking?

Have you entered someone else’s world through Couchsurfing?