Franca eating - Five Pics and Tips for Saving Money to Travel

Tip #1 – Eat Less

By that what I mean is, eat out less.

Going out to a restaurant or just picking up some food to-go from your favourite pizzeria is going to mount up & up when it comes to balancing the books at the end of the month. Making fresh food at home will save you in the long run & prep you for those nights ahead in hostel kitchens.

Phone from anywhere - Five Pics and Tips for Saving Money to Travel

Tip #2 – Pay As You Go

Everyone likes to talk to their friends, sometimes (but not often), even their family.

Whilst spending lots of hours on your £/€/$30 on your smartphone might be great for communication and playing Angry Birds on the toilet, swapping to a ‘Pay As You Go’ sim will be cheaper overall, but it will also teach you how to manage those minutes & texts for when you use your phone on the road.

Money saved - Five Pics and Tips for Saving Money to Travel

Tip #3 – Bye Bye Spotify

We all love our little luxuries; I love using Spotify, some people love getting Vogue through the door each month & some love to spend all of their hours online shooting ‘4L€x!_474’ (that’s Alex, btw) in the most recent Call of Duty game – however – cut the ties of those £/$/€5 per month subscriptions & in one year you’ve already saved £/$/€60, which will go along way once you’re on your travels.

Dale reading a book - Five Pics and Tips for Saving Money to Travel

Tip #4 – Books, CD’s & DVD’s

Before we left, there were stacks upon stacks of books, CD’s & DVD’s around our house. Every so often we’d be buying more & more for the collection, yet another cost you could be saving.

Get to your nearest local library & re-introduce yourself to what the 21st century library has to offer – for free.. Most now come with modern classics & the best top sellers, some have a CD selection which you can borrow for a few days, and some even begun to stock DVD’s & Bluray discs so your next movie night is taken care of.

Alternative transport - Five Pics and Tips for Saving Money to Travel

TIp #5 – Alternative Transport

Running a car costs a fortune, running to work doesn’t.

Whilst we don’t recommend everyone lacing up some trainers & wearing lycra to work, alternatives such as taking the train or bus, walking or biking to work, will save you from paying too much for petrol, too much for tax & too much to buy a car in the first place.

How else could we have saved before we left?