Bridge in Sarajevo - Five Pics and Tips for Sarajevo

One of Sarajevo’s many bridges

Tip #1 – Try the Bosnian cuisine

You cannot leave Sarajevo without having tasted the Ćevapi, a meaty dish served with uncooked chopped onions in a warm flat bread. You mustn’t forget to order the Kajmark with it (a Turkish creamy dairy product), simply spread it all over the meat and the bread, it’ll just melt. It’s delicious!

Bosnian Ćevapi in Sarajevo - Five Pics and Tips for Sarajevo

A ‘must try’ if you aren’t a vegetarian

Tip #2 – Take a guided tour to the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum

You can either go by yourself or take a guided tour from the centre which we strongly recommend because you will get:
– a very interesting history lesson about such a recent past
– transportation to the museum and back (which it works out cheaper than a taxi ride)
– a drive through a part of Sarajevo that isn’t reachable via tram.
It’s a no brainer!

Sarajevo tunnel - Five Pics and Tips for Sarajevo

The Sarajevo Tunnel Museum

Tip #3 – Drink coffee in the Bosnian style

Take a break from the sightseeing, sit down to one of the many cafes in the old town and enjoy a nice Kafa always served with a Turkish delight which is a bonus (if you are a fan). Just make sure you don’t drink the thick layer of sludgy grounds at the bottom of the cup.

Bosnian kafa in Sarajevo - Five Pics and Tips for Sarajevo

The best drink in the world, not that I’m addicted!

Tip #4 – Pay a visit to the Martyrs’ Memorial Cemetery Kovači

It’s important to go to this Memorial Cemetery to have an idea of how many people lost their lives during the recent civil conflict. Once there, climb a bit further up the hill and get the best panorama view of Sarajevo.

Memorial Cemetery Kovači in Sarajevo - Five Pics and Tips for Sarajevo

To never forget!

Tip #5 – Ars Aevi, the Contemporary Art Museum

If you are an art lover and you are looking to see something very different including the building that hosts the exhibition itself, you cannot miss the Ars Aevi. Even if it’s located kind of in the center, it’s not easy to find but don’t give up, it’s worth it!

Ars Aevi in Sarajevo - Five Pics and Tips for Sarajevo

We hope you will make a good use of these tips if you find yourself in Sarajevo one day.