Five Travel Tips for RomeSpending your holiday in Rome, the Eternal City? Here are five travel tips for Rome that'll help you to see the best place to visit in Italy.

Rome is one of the most notorious and probably most visited Italian cities and there must be a reason for it. Rome is simply stunning for its architecture, for the fact that there is art at every corner you turn into, for its history, its very interesting and peculiar character and for the ‘colorful’ characteristic of the Romans themselves. Did I mention the food yet?

There is simply too much to love about Rome, it is so popular and most of its attractions are so well known that sometimes it’s difficult to find something a little bit different and off the beaten path, something that we always like to do even in such well known cities like Rome. Good job we know some locals that pointed us to the right places without leaving us disappointed.

We think we have found some little corners of the city that aren’t as popular as the main sites and we are more than happy to share them with you – if you haven’t discovered them already by yourself. Here are are our tips for Rome, one of the most notorious cities not only in Italy but in Europe too, we hope you find this tips useful and to your liking.

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Tip #1 – Coppedè District

If it wasn’t for our amazing friends who live in Rome we probably wouldn’t have ever discovered what has been defined as an “architectural oddity”. This little corner of Rome located in the North of the city, can easily remain anonymous unless you know about its existence. This very bizarre and unique district in Rome is a mixture of different architectural styles such as Baroque, Ancient Greek, Art Nouveau and Medieval.

Try to imagine how incredibly different might be the architecture of a district with several buildings and structures where all the above styles are combined in a perfect harmony. Needless to say that we loved it and need to go back in proper daytime (we arrived quite late) to spot every single detail.

Coppedè District in Rome - Five Pics & Tips for Rome

Tip #2 – Casina delle Civette

This unusual building whom name translates to “House of Owls” is another magnificent piece of surreal architecture that we are so glad we didn’t miss this time whilst in Rome. This weird looking building has an interesting history behind it, it’s seen many additions over the years to its original structure that made it look the way it is today, weird and beautiful!

The park around the Casina delle Civette is also lovely and ideal for a relaxing stroll and a break from the chaos of the city. We went there at dawn and the colour of the sunset made it look even more magical.

Casina delle Civette, Rome - Five Pics & Tips for Rome

Tip #3 – Appia Antica

The Appia Antica is an outstanding piece of history and I’m so surprised and pleased it still exists considering its age. Built in the year 312BC, the entire road from the first laid stones in Rome all the way through to it’s eventual end in the Southern modern day coastal city of Brindisi, the Via Appia was built in order to expedite the army and their supplies to the areas that needed it most.

If you are looking for a relaxing stroll surrounded by green areas, ancient remains of the Roman Empire and simple peace and quietness, the Appia Antica is the place to go.

Appia Antica in Rome - Five Pics & Tips for Rome

Tip #4 -MAXXI

MAXXI is the The National Museum of 21st Century Art and, whilst it isn’t something hidden and on the off-beaten-path, we couldn’t leave it off this list of tips for Rome. We loved everything about this museum, from the inside exposition to the architectural style of the building that, containing art, must be an art piece itself.

Museum Maxxi in Rome - Five Pics & Tips for Rome

Tip #5 – REWILD

Whilst looking for some vegetarian restaurants in Rome, we accidentally came across this amazing place which it is the first vegan club in Rome that offers great food and drinks all cruelty-free to its members- which we happily are now! Even if you are omnivorous, you will definitely find something to enjoy on REWILD’s menu which has a big selection of sandwiches, piadine, salads, vegan cheeses, micro-brewery beers and more.

Needless to say that we loved it, in fact only the thought of the delicious food and the local dark beer we had makes our mouths water.

REWILD entrance in Rome - Five Pics & Tips for Rome

Do you have any more tips for Rome to add this list?