View of Dubrovnik - Five Pics and Tips for Dubrovnik

What a view from the Museum of Modern Art terrace

Tip #1 – Don’t leave the Old City Walls walk till late in the day, start early!

If you visit Dubrovnik during the summer, considering how hot it can get during the warmest hours of the day, we strongly recommend doing the Dubrovnik City Walls walk quite early in the morning (the opening hours are from 8am to 6.30pm). There isn’t much shade on the walls, only a very few spots (by a shop or a bar), so unless you are happy walking 2 km under the burning sun, make sure you set your alarm not too late!

Dubrovnik City Walls - Five Pics and Tips for Dubrovnik"></a><i>We weren't the only one to think of a ‘clever’ start

We weren’t the only one to think of a ‘clever’ start

Tip #2 – Take a walk across the Lapad Area

The Dubrovnik old town is pretty but it can get very crowded which can take the fun out of walking through it (it did for us).
If you fancy a break, take a walk to the opposite side of the town, heading to the Lapad area, you won’t regret it! You can take a path to walk alongside the sea on the coast and finally enjoy the stunning views at your own pace.

Lapad area in Dubrovnik - Five Pics and Tips for Dubrovnik

No people, just water!

Tip #3 – Coach Times and Tickets

When you leave Dubrovnik and you have a coach to catch make sure you check times and buy tickets in advance if you have the chance, don’t make our mistake!
To our disappointment, when we went to catch our bus we couldn’t as it was sold out.
Oh well, nothing we could have done to change it, books in our hands we waited ‘only’ 8 hours until the next coach.

Vehicle in Dubrovnik - Five Pics and Tips for Dubrovnik

We should have ‘borrowed’ one of these instead of waiting for the next coach

Tip #4 – Fountains

The Dubrovnik tap water is drinkable so you can refill your bottles at the fountains you’ll find on your way, be aware though that there are some in the Old Town but almost none in the rest of Dubrovnik. We saw only one, maybe they are well hidden?

Fountain in Dubrovnik Old Town - Five Pics and Tips for Dubrovnik

This one in the Old Town has so many taps it could refresh an entire army

Tip #5 – Modern Art Museum

If you are tired of the seaside (it’s pretty unlikely that will happen, but you never know right?) why not to enjoy some art?
As you might know by now we are always hunting for some art, especially the modern kind so we went to the Museum of Modern Art (UMJETNIČKA GALERIJA) and, not only we spotted some nice pieces, but we also admired the view from its terrace which was a different perspective from the City Walls one.

Modern Art Museum in Dubrovnik - Five Pics and Tips for Dubrovnik

Which tips do you have for Dubrovnik?