Everybody probably dreams to go to Paris at least once in their life, so we did. We wanted to see what is so special and amazing that makes Paris the incredible city that everybody talks about.

Once there though, as usual we ended up doing some things that perhaps not everybody would have choosen to do and skipped many other very common activities, and you know what, we are very happy about our choices!

Even though Paris isn’t our favourite European city, it’s still has some cool thing to see and do. We want to share few tips based on our very short time spent there with you all, they might turn very useful or maybe not, who knows?

Tip #1 – Maoz

Finding some quick, delicious and vegetarian food to eat on the go in Paris isn’t always easy and to be completely honest with you we struggled at times until we found out there is a Maoz in Paris too.

So if you fancy some falafel in a pita bread with plenty of veggie that can be refilled or simply a yummy salad, this is the place to go. I’m craving for some now!

Maoz Falafel in Paris - Five Pics and Tips for Paris

Tip #2 – 59 Rivoli

If like us you are always looking for some cool and alternative art to discover, you mustn’t miss 59 Rivoli, the very creative legalized art squat in the heart of Paris and it’s free too!

59 Rivoli, Paris - Five Pics and Tips for Paris

Tip #3 – Shakespeare and Company

This bookstore is probably something you will find on any travel guide, but we wanted to recommend it too because it’s very worth looking at, especially if you are looking for some English books to grab. We liked its old fashion look, the amount of books (new and secondhand) available and its history too (in fact at some point was a gathering place for writers). Be aware though that is often crowded and it can be pricey at times, at least in our opinion.

Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris - Five Pics and Tips for Paris

Tip #4 – Sol Semilla

If you are looking for a nice place to sit down, relax and enjoy a healthy meal in a comfortable and well designed place, Sol Semilla is perfect. They serve vegetarian and vegan meals powered with some superfoods that you don’t always find in normal restaurants, and if you like what you are eating you can buy the ingredients there too. What else could you ask for? It’s a must try even if you aren’t vegan, we loved it!

Sol Semilla, a vegan restaurant in Paris - Five Pics and Tips for Paris

Tip #5 – Le Batofar

This amazing lighthouse boat is an incredible alternative music venue that offers various concerts and music events in a very unique and original setting. In fact have you ever been to a concert on a boat on the river Seine? We did, we went to see And So I Watch You From Afar and loved it!

Sol Semilla, a vegan restaurant in Paris - Five Pics and Tips for Paris

Have you been to any of these places?