Before visiting Naples all we heard were not so nice things about the city, like the problem with the trash they had recently or how unsafe certain areas are and how extremely careful we needed to be not to be robbed and not to get involved in unwanted situations.

With all this in mind we still wanted to visit Naples which is well known for having one of the biggest historical city center in Europe and in the World too with apparently more than 440 churches scattered everywhere in the city, that’s a lot to see!

We are so glad we went to Naples which surprised us from every perspective! It is such a vibrant city, full of history, beautiful architecture and friendly people too. We realized it wasn’t so dangerous walking around the streets after all (even in the poorest and not so recommended areas) on the contrary they were the most interesting and it felt like seeing the real Naples and not just the high street shops. We loved discovering some of Naples’ hidden gems which we want to share with you.

Tip #1 – Palazzo Mannajuolo

This amazing building located in the heart of Naples is a perfect example of the Liberty Architecture style and it isn’t the only one in the city. What really attracted our attention was – apart for the beautiful style and details of the whole building – the fact that inside there is a stunning marble spiral staircase worth the visit alone.

It’s a private building where people still live today, but it’s possible to pop in just to have a look around and there is no charge of course.

Internal Staircase of Palazzo Mannajuolo, Naples - Five Pics and Tips for Naples

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Tip #2 – Hotel Micalò

If you are looking to stay in an hotel with something special whilst in Naples, personal and private, Hotel Micalò is the place for you. It’s location is perfect to easily reach the historical center, it’s very close to the waterfront too. Micalò is full of creative art and its attention for details will make your stay exceptional, it was for us!

Micalò Boutique Hotel in Naples - Five Pics and Tips for Naples

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Tip #3 – The Fontanelle Cemetery

This charnel house is located in a hill cave that initially was used to make space in the churches to bare the newly deceased. Many remains were brought to the Fontanelle Cemetery and then thousands of non-identified victims of the plague were put there too making it very crowded. Years later a cult began for these anonymous skulls and remains. People became devotees to these remains, gave them names, brought them flowers and even cleaned them. Now this has been stopped, but you can visit this very interesting cemetery in Naples and for free.

The Fontanelle Cemetery, Naples - Five Pics and Tips for Naples

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Tip #4 – Eat a lot of Babà

There are many delicious delicatessen you should definitely try while in Naples, but make sure you don’t forget the sweet Babà. There different kinds of this small pastry or cake, but the most traditional Babà is the one saturated in rum which you can find practically in every bar and coffee shop in town. It can have a quite strong flavour depending on how it has been made, but definitely worth a try!

Dale eating a Babà in Naples - Five Pics and Tips for Naples

Tip #5 – Palazzo Sanfelice

This is another amazing old building situated in the Sanita’ district of Naples which is famous for its poor condition but very worth visiting.
Palazzo Sanfelice is a private building but it’s possible to enter to have a look around especially at the amazing and weird staircase situated in the atrium. Unfortunately its conditions aren’t pristine, it needs quite a bit of work and restoration but it is a stunning building with an incredible staircase.

Palazzo Sanfelice, Naples - Five Pics and Tips for Naples

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Have we convinced you to visit Naples?