Hamburg has been such an important city for the German economy and it still is. It’s location made Hamburg one of the most important port and economical hubs in the past and still now. Everything in the city seems to mirror its trading and commercial background – architecture included – which we fell in love with.

We are so happy we followed our wise friend’s suggestion to visit Hamburg because, despite still having a very German feeling, it is very different from the other cities we saw during our trip around the country.

Here are some tips we want to share with you all, some little things we particularly enjoyed seeing and doing during our time in Hamburg. Perhaps one day they’ll be useful to you?

Tip #1 – The Speicherstadt (warehouse district)

We found ourselves wandering through the streets and canals of what it is to date the largest timber-pile foundation warehouse district in the world. The buildings in this area are mainly made with red bricks (which I absolutely adore) their shapes reflected in the water of the canals adding even more magic to the whole area. Make sure you see it at night time too, it’s something special!

Speicherstad, Hamburg’s warehouse district - Five Pics and Tips for Hamburg

Tip #2 – HafenCity-University Subway Station

Before walking away from the port area, make sure you visit a very modern designed subway station. We loved everything about Hafencity – University Station from its architecture and how it perfectly fits with the surrounding area, to its colorful design and the very creative light and reflection’s created. Don’t skip it!

Hamburg’s HafenCity-University Subway Station - Five Pics and Tips for Hamburg

Tip #3 – Nachtflohmarkt (Night Flea Market)

If you are looking for some vintage clothes, curious items or unusual objects for collectors this kind of market might be the right place for you. The beauty of it, is that it takes place in the clubs around the star bridge, it opens at 8pm and you can grab a beer and listen to some music played by the DJ while searching for the right bargain to buy.

It is free admission, it can get quite crowded depending on what time you go, check here when the next one will be on and the locations.

Nachtflohmarkt, Hamburg’s Night Flea Market - Five Pics and Tips for Hamburg

Tip #4 – Superbude St. Pauli

If you are looking to spend a few days in Hamburg we strongly recommend you to stay in what was the best place we stopped in during 2013. Everything about Superbude St. Pauli is perfect: its design, its friendly policy, the super kind staff, the care for every detail that made our stay impeccable.

We wished there was a Superbude in every city we go to!

Inside Superbude St. Pauli - Five Pics and Tips for Hamburg

Tip #5 – Loving Hut

If you are vegetarian like us or simply looking for alternative and delicious food, Loving Hut is the place to go. We went there more than once because we loved the Bio Vegan Asian choice of food available which is very close to the original versions we tried during our time in South East Asia.

Little hint: they have an inexpensive lunch menu which includes the starter of the day and a main course of your choice. Enjoy!

Loving Hut Restaurant in Hamburg - Five Pics and Tips for Hamburg

Do any of these take your fancy?