I often find myself thinking and asking my inner voice if the decision we took just over a year ago of selling everything, quitting our jobs and starting a lifestyle completely unknown to us at that time, was – and still is – the right thing to do.

Franca & Dale with their backpacks on - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

Now more than ever I’m able to answer without any doubts and regrets, especially now after spending some unexpected time back in my hometown.

In fact if I ever had any uncertainty about it, I have now cleared that out.

Staying static in a familiar place after almost a year of being on the road constantly moving from one place to the other is a nice feeling. There is so much to enjoy about it: seeing family, friends, pets, eating all the best food we missed so much, relaxing and knowing there is no urgency in finding a place to sleep for tomorrow.

It’s a nice break – don’t get me wrong – but I’m starting to feel that it should last too long.

A bright red street stop sign - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

It’s not exactly how it worked for us. Things have happened whilst we’ve been here that required our presence and our help for the time being and soon I found myself trapped in a kind of daily routine (If you know me a little you’ll realize how this is affecting me).

One of the reasons I wanted to travel was not only the desire to discover and explore different places and cultures but also to escape the regime of the 9 to 5 routine which I had found myself falling into.

At the time I was feeling more and more unsatisfied and wanted to do something about it. I wanted to do what I’d always dreamed of doing; following my dreams of a life of travel and trying to make it come true.

The World Turns And Life Continues

Around me a lot of my friends are now pregnant and they’ll soon become mothers, being back home to share such important event with them has been fantastic, but shouldn’t it make me want the same for myself? Shouldn’t I starting feeling even slightly maternal?

Not at all, it’s doing the opposite.

It’s made me think and understand that what’s really important for me now is that the path Dale & I took more than a year ago was and still is the right choice for us.

A lot of the time I hear people saying that traveling the way we do is irresponsible, that there are more important things in life that we should think of, that it’s time for us to ‘grow up’ and undertake the career of a lifetime.

Have all these people considered for a moment what we might think is best and important for us and not what’s best for them?

I’m not judging those who decide to have a more ‘traditional’ lifestyle, not at all. A lot of people are happy that way by having a more safe and conventional life with their tasks set for the day; it’s just not me though.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not ready to give up the undefined traveling life yet as much as it can be hard at times, stressful and not so easy.

Dale sleeping on a bench at the airport - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

Let’s be clear, we don’t go on holiday for a couple of weeks only, we are always on the move. It’s something that only somebody that travels long term or has the desire to do so can understand.

I didn’t realize how traveling this way could be until I found myself living it everyday.

I enjoy finding myself in different situations in places where the easy solution we are used to isn’t an option and you have to strive personally to find the right remedy.

Franca with our hitchhiking drivers - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

Hitchhiking in Chiang Rai, Thailand

I ENJOY having to think what to do from day to day, just going with the flow, not knowing what we’ll have for lunch or dinner or if we will have a meal at all.

Vegetarian lunch in Taipei - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

I ENJOY getting lost and not worrying about being late for anything because there isn’t anywhere I have to be at a certain time.

Franca getting lost in Phuket - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

I ENJOY challenging myself and our relationship every day, trying to get over my fears and understand that there is so much more to worry about.

Franca kissing Dale at the beach - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

I LIKE what traveling has done to me so far and I feel I still need to be taught more lessons that I couldn’t possibly learn in any other way if not by the experience itself –One thing is to watch a documentary and another is to live it for yourself.

I LIKE how I changed in this short time we traveled and I feel like I want more. I’m not ready to stop and settle down somewhere, not yet, not now!

Crossing the Thai-Lao border - "Everybody's Having Babies!" and Other Thoughts From Returning Home

Being back in my hometown for a short while has simply helped me to understand and evaluate all of this. It doesn’t mean that I won’t miss my family, friends and even my own country when we get on the road again, but you cannot always have everything, can’t you?

I miss the freedom that traveling gives me!

Are you dreaming of a different lifestyle?