View of Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City

not a bad view at all from our room

A very tough leaving from Italy and a rough night ‘sleep’ on the overnight ferry didn’t stop us going out and wandering once we arrived in Dubrovnik.

The sun was high and hot on our heads, but once relieved from the weight of our backpacks we felt so much better and ready to go.

Our expectations were pretty high after having heard and read so many nice things about this Croatian tourist capital defined by many as an elite destination and one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean.

We were wondering if it would have beaten what, so far, is on one of the best Mediterranean towns on our list, Venice. Such an hard task!

Dubrovnik's Port - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City

We walked from the port area (where we were staying) to the old city, about a 30 minutes walk that we preferred to the bus ride, even if tired we thought it would had been better to see more by foot.

The first thing that captured my eyes was the hill facing the port: houses were built only up to a certain point, afterwards there was only naked rock with a sporadic bush growing in few spots and nothing else. First thought was ‘What a waste of space!’

Thinking it through I realized that there must be some good reasons for it, maybe the impossibility to built on such a steep surface or the lack of money to invest to be able to securely place houses or any other structure on it… who knows?

It’s considerably impressive though how reconstruction has been extraordinary skillful following the war, so good to make Dubrovnik one of the major destinations once again.
In fact I was expecting to see more signs of the war considering it has been only less than 20 years since it all happened, but the residents have been very fast in putting everything back in a good shape, hat off to them!

Dubrovnik Old Town - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City
Dubrovnik Crowded Street - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City

Once arrived in the Old Town we soon realized how busy it was, predictable! For people like us who like to enjoy places away from the crowd when you can stop and take everything in at your own pace, the view of the ‘mass of people’ wasn’t pleasant, so be prepared to it if you visit Dubrovnik in the high peak season.

With this in mind, and considering we had quite a bit of lack of sleep (Dale even less than myself), we decided to just have a walk around the little streets of the old town and leave the more engaging sights for the following day.

Old man - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City
Street - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City

I have to admit I quite liked the quaintness of this little streets, but I would have liked them more without so many shops, bars and restaurants placed in any cubic meter, in fact there was not a single room unused. I guess it’s very good for Dubrovnik’s economy and I completely understand that, but at the same time I wish there was more of the original town to see left as it once was.

Tired of fighting to make our way through the crowd and of being asked from the waiters to sit down to have a meal or a coffee at the various restaurants/bars in the Old Town, we headed off to the opposite direction, looking for some peace.

When we did finally stop for a coffee, the coffee in our body almost made us feel like new, it’s unbelievable how dependent we are from the miraculously black liquid, heaven for us both! Whoever invented it is a GENIUS! 🙂

Boats - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City
Lapad Peninsula - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City

What a lovely surprise after a small disappointment

So we went back to the port and decided to take a pedestrian path without knowing what to expect. We soon realized we were in a very quiet area, no pushing and obligated stops due to there being no room to move forwards – bliss for us – it was exactly what we were looking for.

The walk was along a charming little coast path: the view on the Adriatic was simply stunning and it got better when we started to find on our way past small concrete piers and old & half-broken wooden walkways facing the sea on which Dale bravely walked on without falling into the water, if it was me I’d have fallen for sure.. I’m only ‘Miss Clumsy’!

We both agreed that this area (Lapad Peninsula) was, so far, the most beautiful part of Dubrovnik at least for our taste, we think it mustn’t be missed!

Eager to find more spots like those we kept walking and walking to only find a lot of hotels, resorts and big-luxury structures for tourists, the little path had been interrupted. 🙁 As you can imagine we weren’t interested in those ‘attractive’ buildings, so we decided to get some dinner, head back to the our accommodation and get some sleep, enough to gather some energies for the following and last day in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik coast - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City
Dubrovnik Old Pier - Dubrovnik And An Alternative To The Old City

If you have been to Dubrovnik, how did you feel about it?