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Since 2012 we’ve both spent time travelling through Asia and Europe and long for it to carry on forever.

We always strive to highlight the best of each country we travel to and via this page you’ll find a collection of travel guides, tips, advice, and stories from our own experiences of travelling around the world as a nomadic couple.

Below you’ll find links to our destination based articles, and beneath that you’ll a few links to some of our favourite travel experiences so far which we hope will inspire you to travel at least once before the year is over.

As always, any information you’re still linking for can either be found via our Search page, or by emailing us with your questions. You can get in touch via our contact page.

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Some of Our Favourite Destinations

  • Visit the oldest free music festival in Europe – We travelled to Ghent with no prior plans or idea that the city becomes a giant street festival every year and has done for more than a century, making it one of the oldest festivals in Europe. The atmosphere is electric and there are free musical concerts happening in the street and in every public space for days. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself whilst making new friends in the crowd.

  • Support Modern Art in Sarajevo – This incredible art space has been the temporary home of Sarajevo’s contemporary art collection for more than a decade whilst plans for a new home go through re-design and re-funding, but we love the amazing space they’ve put together that it’d be a shame to move it from it’s incredibly cool home.

  • Walk the city walls of Dubrovnik – Croatia and her coastal towns have become the darlings of European travel over the past decade, and with the beautiful old town and city walls to walk along it’s no wonder why. With the hit HBO series Game of Thrones being recorded each year within the city walls, visitor numbers have exploded, but it’s worth it.

  • Visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao – "The Bilbao Effect" is now so well documented that many cities around the world are trying to match the success of this unique art museum. Not many buildings can match the creative vision of the art pieces inside as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao appears to.

  • See the powerful Soviet Memorial in Berlin – This war memorial to Soviet soldiers who died fighting Fascism during the Second World War is one of the most striking monuments to the Soviet occupation of Berlin and East Germany. Visiting it is a must to see close up the power or Soviet-era Russian imagery.

  • Watch football in Berlin’s historical Olympiastadion – The Olympiastadion in West Berlin might have once been the stage on which the Nazi Government of Germany attempted to present their propoganda version of the Olympics, but today it’s the location in which thousands gather for the love of sport without hinderance or hatred. An amazing place to see local team Hertha Berlin.

  • Walk beneath the cubed houses of Rotterdam – Rotterdam is a perfect destination for architecture travel-lovers and design enthusiasts, and these unique cubed houses are a major highlight and reason why. Given the usual nature of their design they’re better seen than described.

  • Dance along Amsterdam’s canals during the Gay Pride Parade – Amsterdam is the perfect setting for one of Europes most loved LGBT Pride festivals and watching both locals and international travellers collect together to celebrate love and life was amazing. An enourmous party, and you’re invited.

  • Explore the stunning pink city of Toulouse – Toulouse may not be in everyone’s Top Five list of French cities to visit, but it should be. With historical buildings at its core, there’s a create youth culture here that can be easily felt from wondering through its many streets and past its many cafes.

  • See the Baroque Beauty of Lecce – Lecce in region of Puglia in the south of Italy is a Baroque masterpiece and highlight of any summer trip around the region. With an uncovered Roman ampitheature sitting in the heart of the city, there’s plenty to see in a day trip or long and slow weekend away.

  • Discover the street art of Zaragoza, Spain – Zaragoza may be small, but the history of this Spanish city certainly isn’t. Having take its name from the Roman Emporer Augustus you’d think that the city was just old pillars and Latin inscriptions, but in reality the city is full of fantastic and bright street art.

  • Use all of your senses at the Rennes Food Market – The food market in Rennes is famous across France as one of the largest in the country and when our Couchsurfing hosts took us along for the day we soon found out why so many love to walk through it and amongst the many stalls. Even for us two veggies the views and food on offer was to die for.

  • Glimpse the street art in Montpellier – The street art in Montpellier stands out as our favourite memory from the city, and we think that you’ll enjoy it just as much as we did when you walk amongst the many curved and age old streets.

  • Sample coffee the connoisseurs way in Berlin – The culture of coffee is high in Berlin and luckily for us we were able to attend several free coffee events where we learned all about the tasting and preparation methods that all of the experts use for their perfect cup of coffee. A highly recommended activity to do in Berlin.

  • Get involved and volunteer at the Berlin Vegan Festival – Berlin is already well know for being one of the capitals on veganism in the world, but it’s only in recent years that a dedicated festival has become a regular part of the social community calendar. Being able to take part and help in this growing beacon of how fun and not frightening life as a vegan is was a really something special. Maybe it’s your turn to volunteer next?

  • Read what a local thinks about ‘Puglia Mania’ and why you should go too – Franca loves Puglia in Italy and not just because she was born there. With beautiful beaches, medieval towns, and friendly locales who will open up to you with just a smile; there’s no doubt that Puglia is a must-see Italian destination for all.

  • See what amazing cultural space this slaughterhouse in Madrid now holds – Where once cattle were slaughtered now stands a cultural center that has quickly become a favourite place for local’s of Madrid to spend an afternoon relaxing and enjoying the modern face-lift on a admittedly beautiful red-brick building. If only more abandoned spaces took on a nice life as exciting as this.

  • Pick up something cool from Madrid’s coolest design market – If the Matadero center above hasn’t attracted you already then perhaps this frequent design market populated with pieces from some of Madrids up-and-coming student designers will sway you.

  • See why there are wooden mushrooms right in the middle of Seville – Right in the middle of the Spanish UNESCO city of Seville is a large collection of mushrooms that are certainly not for consumption. They cast their shadown far and wide and have become a great architectural delight for all.

  • Munich’s beer halls. Are they worth it? – The beer halls of Munich are internationally famous and rightly so. Though they may be fewer in the number than during their height in the 18th and 19th Centuries, the beer halls of Munich still serve as a place for community debate and gatherings where the backdrop of classic Bavarian food and beer paint the picture that hopefully we forever remain.

  • Visit Siena and see the beauty of the red brick – Though we’d love to see the horse race that draws much of the tourism to Siena consigned to history books, we’re currently not so lucky; but given that this quaint little hilltop town has so much else to draw people in with its historical beauty and grand green surroundings, it’s only a matter of time before the latter is preferred to the prior.

  • See why so many stuff their faces at London’s Borough Market – Hundreds of stalls of food await you at London’s finiest and best kept market place, and specialities are the cornerstone of what makes Borough Market so special. From gluten-free and vegan foods, to steaming hot bakery and locally brewed beer; even with an empty wallet you can really enjoy the smells and sights here.

  • See amazing views at the incredible MuCEM in Marseille – Sitting on the edge of the bay area of Marseille is one of the finist examples of modern architecture that you’ll find in the Meditteranean. Utilising an influence from Moorish and Arabic design, the outer structer of the museum will have you reaching for your camera before you can blink.

  • Visit Auschwitz and never forget – Remembering the past to not repeat it in the future is the largest lesson to take from this former death camp and place of memorial. Standing on the same soil where so many saw their lives extinguished for such simple differences such as colour of skin, place of birth, religion, and sexual orientation is something we recommend everyone to do.

  • See the flea market in Madrid that tourists know nothing about – Inside a former train engine warehouse and yard in Madrid is where the best fleh market in Madrid is held. Filled with vintage clothes, bespoke design pieces, plus a selection of antique goods; it’s no wonder that the space between the tracks is filled with bargain hunters. Be one of them.