As travellers with creativity as the core, we’ve chosen to dig deeper into the how our friends and other fellow travel bloggers search for architecture, art, design and music during their around-the-world journeys.

So, let’s begin with the second interview in our new series called ‘Create/Travel

Hi The Fighting Couple! We can both remember reading your blog before we had even began our around the world journey together as a couple and have often recalled some of your tips for travelling couples, but not everyone we know has been so lucky, so;

1. Who are you, and why do you travel?

First off, thanks for giving us this chance! We are huge fans of the Angloitalian! Yes, we are the Fighting Couple of 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die….and yes we do fight. A lot. We met in the 2nd grade and haven’t stopped fighting since. When we were just married, we headed out on an amazing honeymoon, after it was over, we both looked at each other and said, “Where are we going next year?” It was the beginning of our traveling adventures. Every year we take one big trip together. Both of us have heavy full time jobs, and we look forward to this yearly time away together. We are both Type A to the max, so we tend to have some lively discussions on our trips. We started writing a few of our tiffs down and posting a few travel pictures….and boom…our blog was born.

Cambodian temple Fighting Couple

As we said, we’ve often taken your couples travel advice in various locations, but not just those regular budget suggestions that you might expect to find on regular travel blogs.

2. What’s the biggest piece of advice that you have for travelling couples that is often overlooked?

The best advice we would offer is to leave the kids, the dog, work, the phone, the stress….everything behind. Truly disconnecting from everyday life and spending time together is soooo important. Undistracted time together can work magic on your relationship. Make it a priority. Then make it happen.

You’ve been to see some incredible places together, and some of those have shone as fantastic architecture locations that would be perfect for architecture loving travellers like us; such as your great experience at Fontainebleau.

3. Has there been an architecture find that one of you loved, but the other despised?

You two are the pros when it comes to architecture! Yes, we are huge fans of Fontainebleau. It is unlike any place we have ever been. We found it much more interesting than its big brother Versailles. We did have one specific place that we didn’t see eye to eye: Chateau De La Napoule. Located in sunny Nice, France, the Chateau is a very quirky restored palace. There is some really weird stuff. Mike loved the place. Luci…not so much. Mike likes Gaudi so that should explain a lot.

Peru The Fighting Couple

Art too gets plenty of love from your articles for travelling couples on, and we can tell that the two of you have quite a liking for the subject.

4. What’s your favourite place to travel as a couple for art?

This is a hard one. Yes, we are both huge art lovers. Mike is a huge fan of the Vatican. I would say the Louvre. The Vatican collections are simply powerful from a spiritual and artistic perspective. Both of us could spend hours staring at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Luci’s fave would the Louvre in Paris. The Louvre is so overwhelming, with something for everyone. All of the grand masters are there on display. As you walk down the long halls you can take in centuries of man’s creation.

We take a huge interest in seeing great local design, if we can, in each of the places we go, and there’s always lots that we want to take with us when we leave.

5. Are there any design items that you feel that would help every travelling couple?

The wonderful thing about travel is you get exposed to a different way of doing things. You see things through a different set of eyes. Needless to say, Mike with his OCD, absolutely loved all things German. Everything was organized down to the microscopic detail. Luci on the other hand has a Parisian soul. Everything from the subway stations to the park benches, there is beauty in Paris!

Before heading to any location we always try our best to look for great places to see and hear local music, and it seems that we’re not the only couple that thinks that way.

6. Do the two of you love listening to the same music? Have you a favourite music memory from your travels together?

We have very different tastes in music. Luci must have her Broadway tunes. Mike is a little more complicated to nail down. First off, he is a musician; he is a self-taught pianist. Mike listens to bluegrass, new-age, and a little bohemian classical (Dvorak and Smetana). Yes… he is kinda strange. Local music does add to the experience. As for our favorite musical experience, how can you not pick a Broadway play in New York or on the West End in London?!

Couples travel isn’t always perfect, and the both of you have shown that with some thought, co-operation and a little surprise every now and again; there’s no reason travelling as a couple can’t be the greatest way to travel.

Turkey - The Fighting Couple

7. What’s your next big adventure, and how do you plan your journeys? Split 50/50, or is someone always in charge?

Great question. Overtime we both have gravitated to our designated roles. Mike is the planner, language speaker and time/schedule keeper. Luci on the other hand is the social engager, question asker, and all around “smell the roses” traveler. As you can imagine these two types lead to some of our best fights. Planning for our trips begins a year in advance. We put a lot of effort into the prep work we do for our trips. We try to learn the language, culture, history before we leave. We avoid the most touristy sites in search of the off the beaten path locations. We take turns picking the location for the year. 2014 is Mike’s year so we are headed to Borneo, Bali and the Northern Territory of Australia.

Thanks so much to Luci and Mike for letting us into how they view creativity during their ongoing travels.

We’re so glad that we’re not alone in the ‘we’re normal, we fight camp‘ and that there’s a way to get past it all and really enjoy your travels together as a couple whether it’s for a week or a year.

Really love the twist of having someone picking the destinations for each year, maybe something we’ll have to do in the future!

If you’d like to continue following the travels of Luci and Mike be sure to check their website, or by following them on either Facebook or Twitter