As travellers with creativity as the core, we’ve chosen to dig deeper into the how our friends and other fellow travel bloggers search for architecture, art, design and music during their around-the-world journeys.

So, let’s get started with our latest ‘Create/Travel‘ interview

Hi, Talon! We’ve been following your adventures from around about the same time we set off on our own around the world travel adventure, but for those of our readers who may not already have found your fantastic blog:

1. Who are you and why do you travel?

My name is Talon, and I travel with my son who is almost 13 years old. He goes by the nickname Tigger online. We travel because we love to have new experiences and to live in new cultures. I’m also a big fan of trying new foods, which is not something that my child shares with me.

Talon and Tigger

Together both Tigger and yourself has seen a great many countries over the past 2 and half years that you’ve been full-time on-the-go travellers, and we’ve loved to read about all of your experiences, with your travels across South America being some of the most inspiring for us both.

2. Which moments of your travels have opened your eyes to just how amazing your life together has become?

There have been so many. There are many times each week where I feel almost overcome by just how wonderful our life is and how much I love our life. I can’t think of a better way to raise my son either. He has grown leaps and bounds over the last 3+ years, and I’m not talking about just physically.

A interesting building from Talons travels

Over the past few months you’ve spent time dotting around Europe and we know you’ve been to several places that are ‘must visit’ destinations for many travellers, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

3. Are you always on the look out for interesting architecture during your travel? What was the most magnificent building you’ve seen this year?

I love checking out old buildings and architecture. It’s been one of my favorite things to do while in Europe. There are so many amazing buildings. This year, I’d have to say the Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona is the most magnificent so far. That one is hard to beat really.

Sagrada Familiar

We’ve spoken recently about how the longer we travel the harder it can be at times to satisfy our travel needs which on occasion can leave us disappointed by towns and cities that people always talk about as being ‘unmissable’. For us it was Paris, though the level of art in the city we certainly couldn’t turn our nose up at.

4. Has there ever been an occasion of you both visiting an art gallery together which has left you somewhat disappointed?

We don’t really visit art galleries. Tigger doesn’t really enjoy them, and I don’t feel like torturing him. We have, however, had a few cities that totally underwhelmed and even disappointed me, the most recent of which would probably be Ubud, Bali and Lisbon. I had heard such wonderful things about both places, but once we got there it was an incredible letdown.

An interesting stone carving

As you’ll have noticed, we love design and try to focus on it where we can whilst we travel as seeing the creativity of different cultures gives us a look into how people think and feel. We know that you’re also quite creative yourself and that you write in your spare time.

5. Does the local design of a location play a factor of the stories you write and how comfortable you feel when you’re writing?

Not really. When I write, I tend to go zen. I know people that find their surroundings to be inspirational, but really once I begin writing and hit the flow, everything else really doesn’t exist for me. I’m thankful for that gift.

The book cover of 'Rise of the Djall' by Talon Windwalker

Whenever we stop long enough to do any writing for the site the first thing we do is open up our music folders and make a playlist as we really find it helps us to get into the mood.

6. Have you discovered any music during your travels that helps you to write? Who gets to choose the music between you and Tigger?

I tend to listen to older music. As we travel, I don’t really listen to the radio, and we don’t watch TV so I don’t get exposed to a lot of new music. I tend to play what seems to fit my present mood or the type of writing I’m doing. If I’m writing a battle scene for my fantasy novel, I won’t be listening to Chopin.

Tigger really hasn’t gotten into music which is something that confuses me. He has some songs he likes, but he really doesn’t listen to any music and is content with whatever I’m playing usually.

Finally, over the past year you’ve been using housesitting more and more to not only experience the world as a local, but also ground yourselves for a little while to do all of those things you love to do such as writing, or in Tigger’s case, playing games!

7. Will you be housesitting anywhere special before the end of 2014? Do you have any major destinations you’d like to see again or visit for the first time before the year is out?

Our last scheduled house sit will be in North Yorkshire in the UK. We’re returning to Mexico after that to evaluate places as a long-term base. I’d like to be somewhere festive for the holidays at the end of the year, but I have no idea what’s going to happen after June.

One of the big destinations for me to hit before we left Europe was Scotland, and we’ve been here for awhile now and are loving it. We extended our stay so have another 2 weeks before we show up for our sit.

Thanks so much to Talon for letting us into how he views creativity during his ongoing travels.

We both always enjoy reading your posts, but even more so what you have to say on Facebook where you share the majority of your stories and experiences together and we love it when something purely ‘Talon and Tigger‘ flashes up on our timeline. Go and follow them!

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