An overhead shot of an Aeropress

With one half of us being Italian it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to know that there’s a slight caffeine addiction that exists that needs to be sated each morning.

Ever since the beginning of our two years of travel through Asia and now Europe, we’ve had to come up with ways for us to prevent the headaches and ‘cold turkey’ feeling that comes over not just Franca, but myself too ever since an espresso became part of my breakfast selection back when we started living together in 2010.

Initially we thought we’d be able to figure out how to shake off our twice daily cup of espresso of a long dark black coffee by just dropping coffee altogether from our routine and just getting on with our new daily life of investigating new locations all over the world, but as we found out very quickly in the first week spent in Croatia in September 2012; the headaches and fatigue that we were feeling were almost unbearable. Sad isn’t it?

After those first few days we came up with a remedy that has lasted for all of the 24 months that have followed, but it’s never really been the best solution.

Carry Your Coffee

Call it sad if you will (do, we don’t blame you), but we’ve been carrying a plastic takeaway tub of instant coffee with us to kick start our mornings. No, it isn’t quite the same thing as a having a caffettiera (moka pot as it is the norm in Italy), but given our budget, we couldn’t exactly afford to pop into a cafe each morning, especially in some of the more expensive countries we’ve travelled through, like Japan.

A caffettiera - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)

Surely with so many countries preparing coffee in their own unique and interesting ways that Agness of highlighted with a first and a second part post on ‘Unique Coffee Experiences From Around the World, Part 1‘, we must have our reasons for packing a sub-standard instant coffee instead?Instant coffee wasn’t ever our preference, but being able to wander into a 7-Eleven in almost every country in Asia to fill up our little plastic cups with hot water from the hot water station where normally instant cups of ramen are heated up was a wonder for our budget, and it’s little savings like that over the course of 6 months that enable us to spend a little more when we want to visit great cafes like the amazing Gallery Drip Coffee in Bangkok.

Inside of Gallery Drip Coffee in Bangkok - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)

How Do Other Travellers Cope With Their Caffeine Addiction?

Recently I put the question of “how do you cope?” to a collection of great travel bloggers and they all had differing methods to bring coffee into their daily routines.

Talon of 1dad1kid happily packs a single cup French Press, there’s also Joshua of The Next Adventures who carries a GSI Callapsible Java Drip which is perfect for those who are camping for the weekend. Also, Adam of Getting Stamped is a huge coffee addict who doesn’t travel anywhere without coffee and also found out first hand about his passion by visiting a coffee farm in Columbia, as is Bret of Green Global Travel who always travels carrying some Kona or Columbian coffee; and let’s not forget all those who are quite happy to pay for a cup of local coffee no matter where they are or how much it costs.

A woman buying coffee in Rennes, France - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)

Is There A Perfect Solution?

Not being entirely happy with our particular method, we were of course hoping that within the comment of those fellow addicts we’d find something that we could choose to follow, just as long as it wasn’t too expensive, too difficult, or too bulky for our minimal 10 kilo backpacks; so when scrolling through the comments I noticed the following by Ryan of and immediately began to fall in love.

I use an Aeropress for three reasons: 1) Amazing coffee, 2) Super easy cleanup, 3) I can make great coffee while camping or anywhere in the world.

Ryan of and his Aeropress

What’s An Aeropress?

If you’re a fan of Frisbee golf (see this great article by Scott of QuirkyTravelGuy for a nice review of the sport) you may already know of the company behind this incredible piece of mobile coffee making genius, but if you’ve not heard of Aerobie before, they principle sale products are Frisbees.

The Aeropress is a cylindrical portable device for making espresso strength coffee using a method not too dissimilar to a French Press, but much like a syringe in that pressure caused by pressing down the plunger inside the chamber makes the coffee come out once the coffee grains have brewed for the recommended time.

Instantly, I was in love and all I could think about was the Aeropress. I talked to Franca about it and began to drive her crazy, I started to notice them all the time when we’d walk past camping shops or cafes in many different cities in Spain, Belgium, Holland and now Germany; and to make matters worse, when we started to explore cafe culture more (much like our recent coffee cupping experience) and read more detailed reviews and methods of use online, I couldn’t help but look at getting one.

Someone making an Aeropress coffee at The Barn in Berlin - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)

We Have An Aeropress – And So Could You!

Out of pure love for the Aeropress I decided to drop an email to the great team at Aerobie detailing my full and unconditional love for their miracle product. To my unrestrained delight, they got back in touch with me and between our discussion they told me that not only would they love to send me an Aeropress, they’d also like to offer one lucky reader of our site an Aeropress of their own.

We’re so excited to not only have one of our own to play with (and we have been twice daily) but having one to give away is an incredible opportunity that we’re so glad to share with all of you who have been reading about our journey for so long.

Pouring water into the Aeropress - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)
Stirring the coffee inside the Aeropress - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)
Dale pressing the Aeropress - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)
Dale pouring the coffee from the Aeropress - Why We Carry Coffee Whilst We Travel (+ Win An Aeropress!)

There are a mountain of reasons that I’ve loved using the Aeropress these past few weeks, and from the number of discussions that take place almost daily on the coffee forum of Reddit, it seems that I’m not alone with my findings.

  • The coffee taste is very full bodied considering the short time (between 90-120 seconds) it takes to brew
  • It’s lightweight and easily packable, taking next to no space in our backpacks
  • All that’s required to use it is hot water and ground coffee of your choice
  • It’s incredibly easy to clean

Until Friday 3rd October 2014 we’ll be running a competition on our site that requires no question of which the answer is hidden on this page, instead, all you need to do is click on one or all of the buttons below to follow us on one of our social media channels and you’ll be in with a chance to win an Aeropress Coffee Maker, plus, you can enter from any country.

We can’t thank Aerobie enough for their incredible kindness for not only sending us an Aeropress of our very own, but also, maybe for you too.

Aeropress Coffee Maker Giveaway

Have you entered yet?