Cavey Christmas Special

Where is Cavey?

It is one of Pinkie’s most favorite times of the year for many reasons. In fact Pinkie loves everything about Christmas and with only three days to go he is getting over excited and almost uncontrollable.

He wants to know what the Christmas menu will be this year, which presents he is going to get (if any) and which treats he will be allowed to have. He is so desperate to find out that he hides everywhere, even in the Christmas tree hoping to catch some of our conversation on the matter, shame he is not so bright that it’s very easy to spot him. It’s all about tasty food and gifts for Cavey, he’s worse than me when I was a child,

This year Pinkie will celebrate Christmas in one of the most well known French Riviera’s cities: Cannes!!! There is no film festival this time of the year but the city is still beautiful and pleasantly not crowded. We still haven’t decided how to spend Christmas day yet, maybe with a picnic by the sea? Maybe something like a traditional Christmas dinner with hot mulled wine, the overwhelming cinnamon smell and Christmas music in the background will be better to make up for last years not so nice Christmas when it felt like any other day. Or perhaps we’ll have a typical French Christmas?

We won’t tell Pinkie yet, not until the 25th, he loves surprise after all 🙂

Pinkie really wants to wish you an amazing Christmas wherever you’ll be, have fun and Enjoy!

Who knows where Pinkie the Cavey will be in the next LOCATE CAVEY.

Ciao for now and Merry Christmas,

Pinkie, Dale & Franca.