Travel Blogging: Build Audience, Improve Rankings and Earn Money

Building a blog is about the information you share, not the ads you sell.

This isn’t a quotation from the latest ebook from Agness & Cez of, but it should be, as right from the first chapter they’re keen to express their opinion that blogging is about the love of sharing, and not the money that can be made through the right application of knowledge, time, and the recommendations of those who’ve tried and tested their own advice to great effect.

Now we don’t typically write up about the eBooks that we’re graciously sent free copies of to review (in fact, we’ve only ever reviewed two of the dozens we’ve been sent), but not on every occasion do we agree with the message that the author is trying to convey.

As we’ve made clear recently, some blogs are in for the money alone and not the sharing of quality crafted travel stories, we’ve never been against anyone building something they can be truly passionate about and to pour their love into whilst also making some money on the side. It may never be enough to turn blogging into a full-time job and steady income, but why shouldn’t they make enough to at least pay for the expenses of keeping a site alive online, maybe even using the little left over to treat themselves to a second class ticket rather than third during their next train trip across country.

We’re all for people turning their passions into proceeds that further the love they have for a subject like travelling, and the new eBook, “Travel Blogging: Build Audience, Improve Rankings and Earn Money” contains that same message and will help to make that happen.

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Talking From Experience

Having regularly read the exploits and budget travel tips of both Cez and Agness these past few years, I’m more than a little aware of the amount of hard work and dedication the two have put into building eTramping into the budget travel resource it is today. They both have put long hours on a daily basis into consistently delivering their unique travel tips and all that effort now paying off is their opening message to readers of the book. They’ve been there, they’ve done it, and they’re eager to share what they’ve learned. They actually go as far as to use their own travel blog as a case study of how monetization is possible without letting the quality of their site suffer. They care first of all about community, secondly about currency – and I encourage that mentality.

Easy To Read Instructions

What makes this eBook guide to monetisation is sets out the path towards starting your own travel blog simply and concisely. It doesn’t over complicate things, but does take the time to enthesize that travel blogging is for the long haul, and is no overnight money making scheme. If you’ve passion, then follow their path.

Deconstructing the building of a travel blog into easy to manage chunks they explain:

  • the importance of picking the right domain name
  • the benefits of self-hosting rather than free blogging options such as Blogger or
  • how to optimize your travel blog with the perfect cocktail of plugins
  • that your theme is as much of your brand as your domain name is

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to almost every blogger both in and outside of the category of travel is knowing how to make what you’re writing sore to the top of Google and in front of peoples faces so that they too can travel cheaper using the tips you’ve come to through trial, error, and every little embarrassing adventure that happened along the way.

With three years of blogging behind them, their concise directions built upon their own first hand dealings with SEO and link building will go a long way to help those who are just starting out to get to grips with what can be a daunting task for so many who enter blogging to share their tale.

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Be Social With Social Media

This may be somewhat obvious to some, but the true purpose and potential of social media is sometimes lost on occasion as people see all of the individual options as too many plates to spin all at the same time, but the advice given here on how to maximise the right network for you is essential and the gateway to unlocking what can should be achieved – socialising.

Agness in particular is exceptional at being a social bee amongst the blogging community online, so much so that when talking with other travel bloggers we all ask “how is she everywhere, all the time? How does she do it?“.

Explained in further detail in the book, Agness explains just how much hard effort she puts in, how often, and what process she uses to do so. Incredibly beneficial information for new travel bloggers who are just starting out.

Monetize My Memories

Using their own personal success stemming back over the three years they’ve been travel blogging, Cez and Agness’s short and sweet information on their own preferences for advertising and other revenue streams like freelancing, sponsorships, and affiliate sale take the (at times) complex subject of monetization and split it into easy to digest pieces that you can then do further reading for, depending on which you feel will best suit your blog style.

Would We Recommend It?

For the beginner blogger, “Travel Blogging: Build Audience, Improve Rankings and Earn Money” is possibly one of the cleanest and easiest introductions to travel blogger, social media work, and monetization that either of us have come across. It doesn’t needlessly go too deep into some subjects that quite rightly need a whole eBook of their own should you choose to become a master at either social media work, SEO and link building, or advanced advertising online; but that’s not what this is.

This eBook will get you onto the path of creating your own travel blog without complication, and with the experience of people who’ve been there and done it to fall back on; and as travel bloggers ourselves who’ve also built their blog up from just a collection of stories to what you see today we can both attest that the advice included matches the same kind of advice we too would pass out should someone ask.

How To Get The Book

To purchase you’re own copy and begin sharing your stories with a travel blog of your own, visit the eTramping eStore.

Travel Blogging: Build Audience, Improve Rankings and Earn Money