Hey one & all. Over the past few days you may have read via Twitter, Facebook, our RSS or Google+ that we entered into the #3ThingsCityILove contest run by the threesome of Traveldudes, Velvet Escape & Wimdu.co..uk with a post of our own called Visuals from Vibrant Venice – The City I Love

Venice - ANGLOITALIAN Came 3rd in the #3ThingsCityILove Contest

Well, out of a multitude of entries we were really fortunate to be selected by the judges as one of ten through to the final lottery, guaranteeing ourselves for a €50 voucher, or, one of three top prizes between €250-800.

Being selected was a very proud achievement for us both as we’ve not been blogging long – we’re still feeling our way. We were ecstatic to find our names even in the final ten.

Today came along, the day for the draw & we were hopeful. You never know what luck might bring, right?

Right. Luck brought us third place! (if you hadn’t figured that out from the title already :))

The posts we were up against from the very beginning were all brilliant to read, and that goes especially to those selected in the final ten. I’ve posted the links to all of the finalists below, we both feel that each one had something we’ll be following up on when we get to such great cities as Dublin, London, Johannesburg, Mumbai & all of the others.

Please click on through & let people know what you thought.

To Destination Unknown: Dublin – City I Still Love
Voucher(s) worth EUR 800

Isla Organic: London – 3 Things in the City I Love
Voucher(s) worth EUR 400

AngloItalian Follow Us: Visuals from Vibrant Venice – a City I Love
Voucher(s) worth EUR 250

FINALISTS receive a voucher worth EUR 50 each (well, that’s unless you’ve won one of the 3 main prizes)

Here are the ten finalists (in no specific order).

– Here and there in Jozi – Johannesburg:

– India Backpack Motorbike – Mumbai:

– To Destination Unknown – Dublin:

– Bunny’s Travel – Cape Town:

– AngloItalian Folow Us – Venice:

– Cape Town Collectables – Cape Town:

– Benedict Cooper – Hanoi:

– Journey of a Lifetime -Istanbul:

– Rudayna – Mumbai:

– Isla Organic – London:

Congratulations to the finalists! You’re all winners!

We’re chuffed to bits & can’t wait to see what treats we’ll find with Wimdu.co.uk & we must of course send our thanks again to Traveldudes & Velvet Escape for putting together yet another great competition.

Ciao for now, Dale.