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Meet Dale Davies & Franca Calabretta

Dale & Franca of Angloitalian Follow Us - A Slow Vegan Travel Blog

Dale & Franca of Angloitalian Follow Us

Who are Dale & Franca?

Hi, we're Dale & Franca, an Angloitalian couple who've travelled the world since 2012.

Follow us as we travel the world and share everything we experience and learn about slow & budget travel along the way.

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About Dale

Dale of Angloitalian Follow Us - A Slow Vegan Travel Blog

Dale Davies is a forever smiling Brit who chose to leave his retail hell behind him and make full-time travel a reality and not just a wanderlust-filled dream.

Originally from Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, it was only after falling in love with a well-travelled Italian that his desires to experience the world were not only rekindled, but completely set alight.

He loves discovering new cultures, listening to stories, and meeting new people.

About Franca

Franca of Angloitalian Follow Us - A Slow Vegan Travel Blog

Having spent more than ten years away from the family home, Franca Calabretta feels more at home on the road than in her home town of Alberobello in Puglia, the Southern Italian region that's most often referred to as 'the heel of the boot'.

Most of the past ten years have been spent living in Dale's home town working in jobs in the marketing and advertising sectors, plus initial work experience as an au pair for a family she now counts amongst her best friends.

Travel has been Franca's biggest dream for as long as she can remember, so when the chance came to start her own around-the-would adventure, she jumped at it.

She loves from her travels are animals, pet sitting, and discovering traditional local meals that are 'accidentally' vegan.

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How We Travel Full-Time

We weren't always a nomadic couple, in fact we were just like everyone else who wakes each morning to go to their regular 9-to-5 jobs, wishing they were somewhere else. Anywhere else.

All it took was one conversation. One moment. One simple choice to prioritise travel above everything else in our lives.

We budgeted hard, stop spending where we could, and saved, saved, saved – and it was so easy.

Once we realised just how far the money from many of our monthly expenditures could take us around the world, making the choice to budget and save was easy.

Budget Travel

On our first ever Couchsurfing experience in Amsterdam our host – who'd travelled 30,000km on a bike across the Middle East & Asia – told us of the ridiculous lengths some travellers go to.

They'd walk halfway across the town past all of the different small shops right on their doorstop, just to save fifty cents on the price of a bottle of water. That's taking budget travel too far.

When our own travels begun we kept this in mind, always making sure not to let the insanity of "we must get bargain hard" get into our heads, and it's worked perfectly.

We spend little, yet we miss out on nothing.

If something costs so much, then that's what we pay.

We're too budget concious travellers and if there's a BIG saving to be made then we always take it, but we're not crazy.

Our aim is to teach you our cheap style of travel, yet provide you with rich experiences.

Slow Travel

The moment we started going slow, the better our travel became.

Instead of two days in one city and three days rush sightseeing in another we now take our time to immerse ourselves in local culture, trying to live as they do, and enjoying every encounter we have along the way.

Once we shifted from one country a week to once country a month we shook off our tiredness and begun to learn incredible lessons not only the country we were in, but about ourselves too.

House sitting has been the largest contributor to our slow travel lifestyle, and the financial advantages of staying long-term in countries has allowed us to stretch our travel budget much, much further.

Vegan Travel

We started our travels in 2012 as meat eaters, went vegetarian in 2013, before going fully vegan in the summer of 2014.

By far it's the greatest gift travel has given us – but more importantly, being vegan is a small part of the help we wish to provide to animals across the world who need us to be their voice.

We love to explore local cuisines and their cookbooks for traditional recipes that may be 'accidentally' vegan, as well trying out the many vegan cafes and restaurants that continue to open each day across the globe; but above all we want to show people that vegan travel is not only easy, but a huge benefit to supporting animal rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Angloitalian Follow Us?

Poor judgement on our part.

Honestly, we love being an Anglo-Italian couple, but when we chose the name for our small little travel blog in 2012 we weren't thinking 'brand', we were thinking of 'friends and family'.

If we could change it we probably would, but at the same time we're incredibly attached to it!

What has been your favourite travel moment?

We've had so many great travel days and adventures during the past few years, but by far the most memorable was our month of volunteering with dogs at Elephant Nature Park Dog Shelter.

Which was your favourite country?

That's really a tough one as we both have different tastes and preferences – for instance, Dale loved Malaysia, but for Franca the humidity was too stifling – but without doubt the country that returns some of our favourite travel memories has to be Thailand, with Japan a really close second.

What countries are top of your bucket list?


We're both desperate to travel there to explore the incredible diverse culture and to enjoy the delicious veggie food that we've heard so much about.

After that we'd say that heading to Eastern Europe and South America is next on our list.

How can you afford to travel?

We saved hard and budget hard – without being too fanatical – before we travelled and we've been living off that fund ever since.

Today we're starting to explore making money via freelance writing and a few other jobs that you can find via our 'Work With Us' page.

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