Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

Before we turned Vegetarian, we’d already been munching our way through meat-free meals at restaurants and at home in our own kitchen (where Franca reigns supreme) and during that time we’d tried some fantastic meals – some of them full vegan – but whilst we’ve only just begun to meet and embrace the world of meat-free alternatives and replacements such as tofu and seitan and the many meat forms they try to emulate – tofu burgers, seitan sausages and homemade vegan bacon no less – the last thing we thought we’d ever encounter is a vegan alternative to the late night revellers stable; The Doner Kebab

Vöner Veggie Kebab Shop Logo - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

Meat Free in Germany

Berlin has an international reputation for being quite liberal in it’s attitude towards pretty much anything you could be in to; whether it’s all-night clubbing, street art or exhibitionism; so when the idea and philosophy of bio products, vegan and vegetarianism came together the people of Berlin not only embraced it at home, but also out on the streets in the shops and now the restaurants also.

With such competition between the hundreds of veggie restaurants and takeouts across the city, owners of new endeavours have to go that extra mile to provide something really different so as to set themselves apart and at Vöner in Berlin’s hip and happening Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district.

Outside Vöner Veggie Kebab Shop - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

When Is A Kebab Not A Kebab? When It’s Vegan!

Since opening in 2007, Vöner has delivered something that sets the bar in terms of what can be done with a little thought and determination to create food that’s extra special and full of taste, creating something unique that not only captures the flavour of the food is trying to emulate, but also add to it, giving it a spice and edge all of it’s own.

A Leg of Vöner Veggie Kebab Meat - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

Looking The Part

The decor is simple and scattered around you’ll see little glimpses of the alternative culture that tends to come hand in hand with health food and veggie eateries. Most notable in the decor is the back facing wall as you come in where the Vöner staff conduct their magic in a setting usually found in standard kebab shops found in Europe and the world over – stainless steel surfaces and a rotating kebab.

The Vöner Kitchen - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin
The interior of Vöner - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin
The Vöner Monster Logo - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

In this small shop front there just a few tables and chairs so you might find yourself sharing with some unknown neighbours (though be sure to strike up a conversation if your game!), but it’s has a cozy charm that doesn’t feel too claustrophobic or suffocating.

Squeezed In And Making Friends at Vöner - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

The Thrill of Choice

One of the many perks of travelling as a pair is that when it comes to mealtime, you can choose two different dishes, eat halve, swap and enjoy something entirely different; so when it came to choosing we had the Vöner Kebab as the obvious choice – and because veggie burgers are our new thing – and a Wagenburger Original in a pita bread.

Delicious Looking Wagenburger Original at Vöner, Berlin - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

The burger is a cereal and vegetable mix and paired with a mound of delicious fresh lettuce, sliced German pickles with a lovely sharp bite and a mixture of sweet sesame sauce and ketchup. It was heaven.

The burger – though crispy on the outside – had a smooth texture with a lovely full flavour that had you can’t resist wanting to stuff in your mouth leaving none for your eating partner (cue mischievous stare). The sauce is a great mix of sweat and sharp, though I’d probably ask for a little less should we return again; add to that the superbly soft and fresh pita bread and this veggie burger is a superb delight.

Of course, the centre of the attention and main focus of our visit was the Vöner Kebab.

Veggie Delight - the Vöner Kebab - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin

Sliced off the rotating ‘leg‘ of Vöner meat behind the counter, the thin slivers of yummyness are generously stuffed into a wrap with lettuce, cucumber and tomato, together with (again) finger-licking-ly-del-icious sauce.

Having eaten my fair share of awful kebabs after nights out with friends way back when, comparing the Vöner meat against the normal meat version was easy. Where the Vöner meat might lack some of the moisture of a traditional kebab, the Vöner more than makes up for with flavour and in fact could even be described as better tasting than the overly spiced kebab meat you’ll find on most street corners.


It’s fair to say that the veggie and vegan lifestyle is not one for the cheap, and whilst you can do things cheaply by making things yourself, when you’re on the road every day of the year you might not always have a fantastic kitchen with which to create a veggie masterpiece; therefore you might find yourself eating out more than you think.

Vöner is moderately priced for it’s food, with only the specialities pushing the price up a little more to around the €5-6.50 mark, but those are the exception. For the most part each item is marked at around €3.50-5.00 price point and considering that you’re getting a first class product full of fresh produce and also something a little unique, I think the prices are pretty fair.

We paid €5.00 for the Vöner kebab (which was huge and about the width of Franca’s arm) and only €3.80 for the burger which also was quite large, Immensely delicious and kept us full until much late into the day.

The Vöner Kebab - Who Knew? Vegan Kebab Meat Exists at Vöner, Berlin


Boxhagener Straße 56
10245 Berlin

Facebook – Vöner

View ‘Vöner’ in a larger map

In Summary

As far as we’re concerned, Vöner has one of the best meat-substitutes we’ve ever tasted, and should we return to Berlin again in the future we’d not think twice about making Vöner the first place we ate at whether we have to cross the city to get there or not.

It’s cozy-ness, the feeling of community and – above everything else – the fantastic Vöner kebab make for a brilliant an unmissable take out meal for the veggie, vegan and food-curious connoisseur out there.

Have you tried veggie kebab meat elsewhere?


  1. I haven’t eaten meat for almost 20 years and sometimes it is hard on the road but I’ve never had much problems in Berlin with all the falafels and veggie kebabs. But this one sounds very intriguing and weird enough for me to try it so I’m bookmarking this address and I will make sure to visit it in December when I’m in Berlin! Thanks for the tip!
    kami recently posted…Tartu – an intellectual heart of EstoniaMy Profile

    • Kami, I’ve got a feeling you’re going to love Voner. Having tried one other place and their veggie doner (which was just pieces of seitan), there’s no real comparison.

      Couldn’t be truer about the amount of falafel here in Berlin; I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much.
      Dale recently posted…Architectural History and The Ancient City of PompeiiMy Profile

  2. I am a meat-loving carnivore, but many of my American friends in Spain are vegan and vegetarian. Not that I’ve ever shunned the diets they have since most of what the consume is beyond delicious, but a doner that’s vegan?! YUM, I don’t even care what’s in it!!
    Cat of Sunshine and Siestas recently posted…The Best Destinations for European City-BreaksMy Profile

    • Tell me about it! I wasn’t the biggest fan of doners beforehand (though I’ve had more than my share due to previous drunken circumstances), but after going veggie I’ve gone a bit crazy for meat substitutes just because I’m crazily curious.

      You have to try this Cat, come to Berlin!
      Dale recently posted…‘With Earphones In’ – Travel Music Playlist for OctoberMy Profile

  3. I’m not a big fan of meat either, just have some chicken breasts from time to time, but seeing vegan kebabs in Berlin is a big surprise I must admit. I visited Berlin last November during my winter backpacking trip and I was surrounded by fatty sausages. I’m now dreaming of a vegan burger mmmmmm :-). The place looks so cool outside and the prices are affordable. I’m moving to Europe next August and I’m going to visit Berlin more often! :)
    Agness recently posted…Postcards from CreteMy Profile

    • You’re moving to Europe? So jealous that you’ll be within reach of such fantastic choice here in Berlin. I think that the choice we’ve seen for veggie sausages here in Berlin in the bio-markets has been unbeatable.

      Where abouts are you moving to?
      Dale recently posted…Five Tips & Pics for AlberobelloMy Profile

  4. No way! That looks delicious! I’m going to remember this for my next Berlin trip!

  5. Although I’m not an avowed vegetarian, I do appreciate a good veggie meal. I’ve tended toward dishes that don’t rely on meat substitutes, so I don’t feel like I’m making compromises (falafel, paneer, pasta etc.). But you’ve gotten me intrigued with this one!
    Larissa recently posted…What are kolaches? Hint: There’s lots of butter in themMy Profile

    • I know that Franca knows how you feel, she isn’t the biggest fan of meat alternatives and would rather have a real differing substitute like falafel, for example; but this really was something special.
      Dale recently posted…Design First, Hostel Second – Cats Pyjamas, BerlinMy Profile

    • Meat? What’s that?

      Honestly, I used to be the biggest meat hound, but since going veggie I barely even consider the thought of it.
      Dale recently posted…Five Tips and Pics for BerlinMy Profile


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